Mission Statement

Lost For Words is a community theatre company for young people aged 11 to adult. We have a breadth of knowledge and experience in theatre (professional and amateur), working with young people, and working with children and adults with special needs. We will be actively bringing these skills to the company.

Our aims as a company include:

  • To be an inclusive group, where all members of our local community feel welcome and valued.
  • To actively seek new members so that the company can grow and develop successfully.
  • To provide a space where members feel they are learning new skills, and are able to share these with others.
  • To help members reach a level where they feel comfortable enough to lead sessions themselves (with supervision if appropriate).
  • To bring in professional performers (etc.) to run workshops for all members (e.g. in acting, puppetry, stage lighting, film etc.)
  • To provide performing opportunities for our members, from small, informal concerts to large theatrical events.
  • To never lose sight of the fact that our members have joined us to have fun!
  • To take theatre into places where people may find it difficult to get out e.g. hospitals, nursing homes etc.
  • To seek to raise funds for the company by running ticketed events and workshops.
  • To investigate other funding options including sponsorship and grants etc.

We shall maintain high standards by working reflectively. Productions will be of the highest possible standard, encouraging all those involved to stretch themselves and to encourage others to do the same. Teamwork is of great importance to us, and we aim to include our members in any major decisions that may need to be taken.

Revised: July 2024